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At Contemporary Matters we are pleased to finally announce the Longlist of artists of Mitologie Digitali 数字神话, the artistic exchange project between China and Italy where digital technology meets human archetypes to understand their progress and their actions. The artists will participate in the multi-venue exhibition in the city of Prato from November 27 to December 27 2022 and the one at Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum in China – whose date will be made official shortly.

Twenty-three artists between Italy and China have been able to perfectly reinterpret an ancestral tradition using the tools of digital art, giving life to a new form of contemporary mythopoeia linked to some very important themes that are fundamental for crossing and understanding the present.

The Longlist with the names of the artists who passed the first selection round:

Mataro Da Vergato, 邓启鹏 Deng Qipeng, Deri Gennifer, Fang Yutao, Giovanni Fredi, 黄选阳 Huang Xuanyang, 黄钺 Huang Yue, Massimiliano Ionta / The Astronut, Nick Landucci, Matteo Nuti, David Reimondo, Livia Ribichini, Stefano Riboli, 邵安南 Shao Annan, 陶 愉 康 Tao Yukang, 段沐 Tuan Mu, 王威 Wang Wei, 吴雷蕾 Wu Leilei, 徐晨朔 Xu Chenshuo, Yu Xinhan, 张昊 Zhang Hao, 张炀 Zhang Yang and Emiliano Zucchini.

By November 14, 2022 the three finalist artists of the competition will be announced after the selection of an exceptional jury composed of: Cao Yu (Chinese contemporary artist), Pei Feng (Chinese multimedia artist), Massimo Cittadini (professor of the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara and pioneer of multimedia art in Italy), Domenico Quaranta (professor of the Fine Arts Academy of Brera) and Xiaoyu Huang (director of the Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum).

A special thanks goes to all the artists who have participated in the open call. The high artistic quality of all the works has made the work of selection a very difficult one. We wish all those who have not been chosen for this first edition of Mitologie Digitali 数字神话  a brilliant career and to have the opportunity to collaborate again in the next editions.