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About us

Mitologie Digitali is an artistic exchange conceived in a peculiar moment of global change and uncertainty. The geopolitical and the technological domains perceived by many as subject to fast and unpredictable development are bringing to humanity a sense of anxiety and helplessness.

Metabolizing changhe is part of a healing process and a way to actively effort to provide 


Contemporary Matters is a curatorial platform

possible dehumanizing and alienating effect of these on everyday life.

Given the context, therefore, the need arises to analyze the state of things at a deeper level, that of the collective unconscious where archetypes mix with the stresses of the present. 

Analyzing phenomena such as contemporary mythopoiesis – that is the formation of new mythologies and, by extension, how they transform, act and what they produce – is therefore central and urgent in addressing issues related to the dimensions of politics, society, economy, identity, imagination, memory, history, beliefs.

The myth in its apparitions, interruptions and short circuits – whirlwinds of contaminations in which the places of the conscious and the unconscious lose their boundaries, where

everything changes and becomes something else – makes visible the set of behaviors, practices and social customs in the which are the basis of collective ties. 

From East to West, from ancient China to ancient Greece, the fable, the fairy tale, the fantastic tale, the myth, and sometimes the superstition and its beliefs have told transversally, over the millennia, the present of peoples that generated them.

It is therefore from asking oneself about mythology or, given the vastness of its historical and geographical declinations, about mythologies, in the era in which the technological revolution of the 1950s – also known as the Third Industrial Revolution – is giving way to a new digital revolution much more focused on the virtual world, which is born Mitologie Digitali.