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On the occasion of the third edition of the SETA Festival, Contemporary Matters – with the collaboration of the Orientiamoci in Cina  Association, the Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum, the Municipality of Prato, NoName Studio Zhujiajao – opens a call for artists aimed at the realization of two exhibitions of digital and multimedia art that will be held simultaneously in Italy and China, respectively in the cities of Prato and Taizhou.

Saletta Campolmi, Lazzerini Library, Textile Museum, Convitto Nazionale Cicognini High School, Officina Giovani.


Completed in 2016 by the renowned Chinese architect Liu Yichun, the Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum has an area of 2450 sqm and a total of eight exhibition halls. The museum features a high level of diverse art forms; collaborating with art academies, national and international art institutions, the museum proposes artistic projects and social commitment to promote local culture, a social artistic practice, and an international approach to cultural production.